Dual Enrollment

Through established partnerships with colleges and universities such as Messiah College, Cairn University, Colorado Christian University, and Harrisburg Area Community College, WSCA’s Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Program allows academically prepared students to take discounted college courses while still in high school. Successful completion of these courses counts for both high school and college credit. These college courses are “transcripted” by the college which makes these credits transferable to the college of your choice.

The opportunity to take a college course is dependent upon a number of factors:
(1) the student’s current academic record;
(2) the student’s ability to meet WSCA graduation requirements (some college courses can serve as an alternative to HS courses);
(3) the student’s scheduling of advanced WSCA courses; and
(4) the ability to schedule a college course into the high school schedule (this is in regards to college courses a student might elect to take off-campus).

All costs associated with taking a college course are paid by the student. Colleges will bill the student directly thus opening up opportunities for families to use 529 Plan and Education IRA savings. Juniors and Seniors interested in taking college courses should mark their course selection sheet accordingly. The Administration will make the final determination of whether a high school student is eligible to take a college course during their Junior/Senior years.

Frequently Asked Questions

WSCA believes there are academic and financial benefits for offering students college courses while they are in high school. Academically, college courses serve to challenge college bound students with courses that reflect the college experience while maintaining the support system found during the high school experience. Financially, with the rising costs of high education, families are looking for most cost-efficient ways to access both private Christian education as well as college education.

WSCA offers college courses through established partnerships with colleges and universities such as Messiah College, Cairn University, Colorado Christian University, and Harrisburg Area Community College. Courses are taught by either visiting college faculty or by authorized dual-credit WSCA instructors or off campus at the college itself.

The price per 3-credit course can range from $150 to $450. A comparable cost per 3-credit course taken as a freshman in college is between $1500-2000. Families can save between 59% and 93% by taking these dual enrollment courses in high school.

The best answer is “Yes, most likely.” Because the courses are being “transcripted” by each college, students will be able to transfer courses to the college or university they choose to attend. As with any transfer, colleges and universities may restrict which courses they will accept. With that in mind, WSCA has elected to offer courses more easily transferable as general education or elective credits.

WSCA School Temporary Closure Announcement due to COVID-19

WSCA School Closure Announcement

Out of an abundance of caution, West Shore Christian Academy is following other local school districts’ decision to close beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27, 2020. We will plan to resume school on Monday, March 30, 2020. It is important to note that, at this time, WSCA does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19.

During this closure, we will be implementing a distant learning plan in an attempt to redeem instructional time so we can continue to fulfill state instructional hour requirements. As we communicated last night, next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 16-19) will be vacation days for the students as faculty and staff report for in-service to begin implementing our distant learning plan. More information will be sent via email early next week to explain student, teacher, and parent expectations for schoolwork during the closure.

Please read for more information below.