The Harrisburg Christian School Art Department has a large variety of art media studied by students from Kindergarten through high school students. Our High School Visual Arts Department includes opportunities and classes for students interested in both 2D and 3D mediums and graphic design, ranging in level from beginner to advanced.


2D Art

This course focuses on Two-Dimensional studies such as drawing and painting. Students work with a range of materials, including charcoal, pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, colored pencil, etc. and work with a variety of subjects and styles such as figure drawing, still life, portraits, color theory, etc.

3D Art

This Course focuses on Three-Dimensional studies.  Students work with a range of materials, including hand-building and wheel throwing with clay, mobile-making, found object sculptures, etc. and learn to transfer ideas drawn on a 2D page to a 3D space.

Pre-AP Studio Art​

This course prepares serious art students for AP Studio Art. Usually taken during Junior year, students begin the year with specific projects that build their skills and focus them on either a Drawing, 2D Design, or 3D path. The second half of the year adjusts students to the pace and independence level of AP Studio Art while continuing to build their skills and portfolios.

Student painting props with art teacher
Student facing camera holding a camera for art class

AP Art Studio

This course is for students who want to continue their formal training in the Visual Arts beyond their secondary education and is typically taken Senior year. Students in this course must create high quality work at a fast pace to prepare their portfolio for the AP Studio Art exam and choose between  a concentration in Drawing, 2D Design, or 3D Design.

Digital Photography

This course focuses on taking and editing digital photographs. We look at a variety of artists and styles, learn the function and ethics behind photography, and learn how to take and edit a variety of kinds of photographs using Adobe Photoshop.


This course focuses on both hand-built and wheel techniques. We design and create both functional and sculptural works. In addition, students learn to work with clay in many stages, including work with the kiln by firing and glazing pieces.

Digital Graphics

This course focuses on computer art with an emphasis on graphic design. Students learn to edit images and create designs using Adobe Creative Suite products. Projects include posters, book design, typographic self-portrait, etc.