High School

Harrisburg Christian School has a wide variety of engaging courses to challenge our students.

High School Course Catalog

Graduation Requirements
Students must satisfy the requirements below in order to be eligible for graduation from Harrisburg Christian School:

  • Bible, 4 credits
  • English, 4 credits
  • Science, 3 credits
  • Math, 3 credits
  • History, 3 credits
  • Senior Sociology, 1 credit
  • Fine Arts, 1 credit
  • Physical Education / Health, 2 credits
  • Computer Science,  0.5 credits
  • Electives, 3.5 credits

Total: 25 Credits

Students are encouraged to take advanced courses (i.e. Dual Enrollment Courses, AP Courses, Pre-Calculus, Spanish IV, Statistics, Physics, Digital Graphics, and Pre-AP Art). Taking challenging courses is the best preparation for standardized testing (i.e. SAT and ACT), college coursework, and employment responsibilities. College-bound students, even those not majoring in mathematical or scientific fields of study, are highly encouraged to take a fourth year in science and a fourth year in math.