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Welcome to HCS K – 5th Grade Program!

The early years in a child’s life are foundational to their spiritual, academic, and social development. At HCS, we partner with parents to guide children through these formative years. Our dedicated teachers desire to personally live a life for Christ and make it their mission to foster a Biblical foundation in each student. Our small class sizes provide each student with the challenge and support necessary to meet their needs. Additionally, it’s our desire to see each student develop their talents and gifts by participating in a variety of activities like concert performances, weekly chapels, intramural sports, field trips, and service and outreach projects.

How the HCS Elementary Programs Build Foundations for Students 

Christian School Association of Greater Harrisburg offers a top-notch elementary school education in a Christian environment at two locations in PA. Our Harrisburg Christian School elementary program views every child as a unique individual created in God’s image with talents and gifts they can develop for God’s glory. 

In providing a strong, biblically-based academic foundation in the formative years of child development, HCS’ K-5th grade program encourages students to develop a love for learning while deepening their Christian faith. HCS students receive individualized attention in their classes. They score higher than national averages in every category of standardized student achievement measurement exams. Our HCS teachers also incorporate service opportunities into coursework so students can understand how their actions affect others. 


A Private Christian Elementary School That Prepares Student Leaders

HCS, a private Christian elementary school in the Harrisburg-Hershey area, prepares elementary students to lead their communities and impact the world for Christ. We do this by:

  • Effectively melding rigorous academics and unapologetic faith: Each day, corporate prayer is not only allowed but viewed as an integral part of HCS’ schedule. Our Harrisburg Christian School elementary program believes success goes beyond grades and standardized test scores. While testing serves as one way to measure student progress, it doesn’t define students. Instead, we push our elementary students to realize their unique passions so they can thrive in academics and faith. 
  • Challenging students to perform for the glory of God: Students are encouraged to participate in weekly chapel and other development opportunities, such as community service projects and retreats, as they progress into higher grades. Along with helping students to respect and value individuals as people created in God’s image, we inspire them to see their innate value and unique God-given gifts.  

Small Classes Challenge and Support Students

The Harrisburg Christian School elementary program has low teacher-to-student ratios. Due to the small class sizes, students enjoy personalized attention from their teachers and are truly known by their administrators. HCS’ small classes support and challenge students in that they:

  • Enhance learning by pushing students to share their opinions and ideas
  • Yield better results, both academically and spiritually
  • Give teachers more opportunities to observe students as individuals
  • Encourage students to connect more closely with their peers
  • Grant more opportunities for teachers and students to work one-on-one 
  • Allow for more individualized feedback

Private Christian Elementary School Near Harrisburg 

If you’re searching for an accredited Christian elementary school near Hershey or Harrisburg, reach out to Harrisburg Christian School admissions in Linglestown, PA today. HCS is a K-12 ASCI accredited school partnering with families to provide Christ-centered education that develops students’ natural talents. 

If you’d like to view our facilities, talk to our staff, or learn more about our private Christian elementary school, schedule a tour today.