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Picture of Sarah Arney for Employment page
Sarah Arney
2nd Grade Teacher
Picture of Debbie Bassoff for Employee Directory
Debbie Bassoff
Picture of Jo Ellen Bechtel for Employee Directory
Jo Ellen Bechtel
5th Grade Teacher
Steve Bechtel Faculty
Steve Bechtel
Athletic Director & PE Teacher
Lisa Bonfanti Faculty
Lisa Bonfanti
Picture of Alexis Confair for Employee Directory
Alexis Confair
CSAGH Executive Chef
Picture of Clint Davis for Employee Directory
Clint Davis
Campus Principal
Picture of Jodi DeLong for Employee Directory
Jodi DeLong
Science Teacher
Picture of Stacy Dorman for Employee Directory
Stacy Dorman
Kindergarten Teacher
Picture of Christine Eifert for Employee Directory
Christine Eifert
Picture of Kellianne Enterline for Employee Directory
Kellianne Enterline
English & Math Teacher
Picture of Heidi Estep for Employee Directory
Heidi Estep
2nd Grade Teacher
Picture of Barb Farver for Employee Directory
Barb Farver
Library Teacher
Picture of Charlie George for Employee Directory
Charlie George
Picture of Jacque Henry for Employee Directory
Jacque Henry
Spanish Teacher
Stephanie Hippman
Stephanie Hippman
Faculty Bob King
Bob King
History Teacher
Valerie Knowles Faculty
Valerie Knowles
Faculty Fran Kula
Fran Kula
Teacher's Assistant
Picture of Amy Lane for Employee Directory
Amy Lane
Jessie Manjate Faculty
Jessie Manjate
Front Office Receptionist
Melissa Martin Faculty
Melissa Martin
Picture of Bonnie McCullough for Employee Directory
Bonnie McCullough
Bible Traits & Challenge Program Coordinator
Pam McDeavitt
Pam McDeavitt
Physical Education Teacher
Matt Mitchell Faculty
Matt Mitchell
Picture of Kristy Moore for Employee Directory
Kristy Moore
3rd Grade Teacher
Picture of Katie Motter for Employee Directory
Katie Motter
Faculty Don Prue
Don Prue
Math Teacher
Picture of Cristen Puleo for Employee Directory
Cristen Puleo
Jennifer Russell
Sherry Scott
Sherry Scott
Staff Accountant
Ximena Suarez Faculty
Ximena Suarez
Picture of Jill Sunday for Employee Directory
Jill Sunday
Admissions Director
Picture of Mary Toth for Employee Directory
Mary Toth
Science Teacher
Picture of Dean Velez for Employee Directory
Dean Velez
Picture of Dan Wertz for Employee Directory
Dan Wertz
Picture of Heather Wilson for Employee Directory
Heather Wilson
Kindergarten Teacher's Assistant
Picture of Jan Winey for Employee Directory
Jan Winey
Picture of LuAnne Yeckley for Employee Directory
LuAnne Yeckley
Administrative Assistant

HCS School Temporary Closure Announcement

Governor Wolf Gov. Tom Wolf has announced that all K-12 schools in Pennsylvania will be closed for 10 business days due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Beginning Monday, March 16th, Harrisburg Christian School will be closed for two weeks and will make the transition to “distant learning”. It is important to note that Harrisburg Christian School does NOT have any confirmed cases of COVID-19.

During this closure, in order to keep students’ academic skills sharp and to eliminate disruption of the educational process, students will have assigned schoolwork. Early next week, students will be given 3 “vacation days” (Monday – Wednesday) while faculty and staff meet to implement our distant learning plan. More information will be sent via email early next week to thoroughly explain student, teacher, and parent expectations for schoolwork during the closure.

HCS School Temporary Closure Announcement due to COVID-19