COVID-19 response: Updated November 27, 2020

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CSAGH responded swiftly in March 2020 when the statewide closure of schools kept students from returning to campus for the final quarter of the 2019-2020 school year. Within three days, students were engaging with their teachers via virtual platforms and continuing their education. 

Administrators and teachers worked hard to prepare to welcome students back on campus in Fall 2020, consulting regularly with a team of medical professionals and keeping current with state and federal guidelines.

By taking a reasonable and responsible approach to Covid-19 concerns, we were able to re-open our buildings to students for in-person education five days a week. Additionally, we were able to provide an option for students to participate in their classes virtually in what we refer to as the Flexible Learning Option. 

At the elementary level, students interact and engage with their teachers virtually via Seesaw for core subjects at key times throughout the day. 

At the middle and high school, students follow their schedule and log-in to Microsoft Teams and participate in classes—hearing the lecture, participating in group discussion, receiving handouts, and keeping current on their coursework.

We are taking precautions for the safety of students and staff.

• Student and staff temperatures are taken immediately upon arrival each morning.
• Students and staff must wear face coverings unless a medical exemption has been provided.
• Classrooms have been configured to provide social distancing as much as possible.
• Teachers are encouraged to leave windows and doors open to allow for ample air flow.
• Students are not sharing materials unless thorough sanitation can take place in between uses.
• Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitation is required throughout the day.
• Numerous safety features have been added to buildings including hand sanitizing stations in each classroom and spray disinfecting equipment.
• Athletics has implemented their own plans to care for the health and safety of student-athletes and coaches.

Latest Information:

**Original Announcement: Read the full letter announcing the re-opening of CSAGH schools on-campus, on-time, and in-person.

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