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Why Send Your Child to Christian School

Why choose a Christian school? A Christian school provides your child an education that encourages the flourishing of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. If you’re searching for an alternative to public school, homeschooling or online learning, consider some of the reasons why Christian school is important.

1. They Focus on Character Development

At an age where children discover their identity, a Christian school can help facilitate the shaping of their character by blending wisdom and knowledge in the curriculum. Some of a Christian school’s fundamental beliefs include learning about character development, morals and ethics in light of the Gospel. Christian schools integrate service opportunities into coursework and spiritual development opportunities.

We want to encourage your child to remember they have a purpose in this world, even at a young age. For students in kindergarten through fifth grade, we offer week-long J-term programming focused on career exploration, networking with professionals and vocation consideration so your child can start discerning how God has created them and how their interests and talents may line up with future career goals.

2. They Teach Your Child the Bible

At a Christian institution, your child will learn the truth about God’s Word and will use this foundation as the start of all subjects, including math, science and history. Even though the Bible is thousands of years old, it’s filled with timeless truths that can help children navigate the challenges they’re facing today.

Children in Christian schools are often familiar with Bible stories when they’re young, and Christian principles become part of their worldview as they continue to learn and grow in school. With this information, they can graduate from our institution with an improved understanding of the world around them, relating it to the Word of God.

3. They Share Your Moral Values

Christian education provides a biblical foundation for your child, with spiritual and moral formation at the forefront of everything. These schools focus on developing a caring community where students, faculty and staff encourage one another in both the good and difficult seasons of life. A healthy learning environment involves authentic relationships, and education should develop character and intellect, equipping students for lives of service.

At our schools, we’re mission-driven to sharpen student minds, deepen their faith and develop their talents. Part of this sharpening includes establishing behavioral expectations that help them mature during their time in the classroom. Since we’ve created a school district from our two campuses, we’re able to establish consistent standards regarding student behavior and expectations.

4. They Have Teachers Who Model Christian Principles

Throughout their life, your child needs positive role models to influence their future. Since your child spends most of their day at school under the supervision of their teachers, those in authority should be people who share your values. Our teachers will mentor your child and give them the attention and care they need to thrive now and in the future.

In a Christian school classroom, teachers openly model and demonstrate Christian principles, so your child can learn from an early age how to practice their faith in their daily life. Our teachers will pray with your child and encourage them to succeed in school and their everyday lives.

5. Their Curriculum Aligns With Christian Values

Christian schools promote academic excellence while being intellectually humble. Even though the curriculum prioritizes academics, a Christian institution can integrate their biblical values with the required teaching material. Your child can explore concepts like science and math through a Christian lens to develop their worldview in a safe environment. When they learn academic topics, the conversation can transition to discussions about God, the Creator of all things and concepts.

6. They Include Prayer as Part of the School Day

One of the benefits of Christian schools is that they promote corporate prayer as an integral part of the day. Prayer is a path to a personal relationship with God, but it also strengthens our connection to one another. Teachers and students pray for each other — in times of blessing and times of challenge — to foster a loving, inclusive learning environment. We incorporate the habit of prayer in our classrooms, dining areas, weekly chapel services and extracurricular activities.

7. They Provide a Safe Emotional and Spiritual Environment

Along with your child’s physical and mental development, we also seek to foster a secure spiritual and emotional environment. We do not tolerate bullying, and we’ll nurture your child in a caring, safe atmosphere with responsible, positive teachers and staff as role models. A Christian school provides a place for students to express their ideas, explore new adventures and be themselves in a judgment-free zone.

8. They Give Your Child Individual Attention and Instruction

Why send your child to a Christian school? A faith-based institution can provide more individual attention than public schools are able to give. Our teachers and staff view every child as a unique person created in God’s image with talents and gifts that we seek to develop for God’s glory. With our small class sizes, students receive one-on-one attention from their teachers, allowing our teachers and administrators to know them personally.

9. They Promote Positive Peer Pressure

The friends your child makes in their early years of life could influence their future decisions. Having peers who have similar values helps your child thrive, so they can make wise choices as they get older. At a Christian school, students reinforce positive habits and attitudes, so instead of pressuring each other to make mistakes, they’ll encourage each other to do their best.

Teachers at Christian schools can be mentors, and even friends, who know their students and want the very best for them. Our staff has the freedom to encourage, influence and support their students.

10. They Encourage the Development of the Whole Child

Is a Christian school worth it? Christian-based education aims to develop well-rounded individuals through the integration of faith and academics. The classroom should be a space for character and intellect, equipping students to be servant leaders, as Christ exemplified during His earthly ministry. Students can participate in various co-curricular opportunities, from athletics to art to music to robotics to forensics. All the usual advanced options desired at the high school level are also available, such as dual enrollment, advanced placement (AP) courses and online college classes.

Contact Us About Enrolling Your Child in a Christian School

The Christian School Association of Greater Harrisburg offers two locations where you can send your child, depending on where you live. Both schools provide a place where children can learn how to impact the world for Christ by deepening their faith, developing their gifts and sharpening their minds. Contact us online for information about Harrisburg Christian School in Harrisburg, PA, or West Shore Christian Academy in Shiremanstown, PA.

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