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Picture of Sarah Arney for Employment page
Sarah Arney
2nd Grade Teacher
Picture of Debbie Bassoff for Employee Directory
Debbie Bassoff
English Teacher
Paul Beardmore Faculty
Paul Beardmore
Middle School/High School Principal
Picture of Jo Ellen Bechtel for Employee Directory
Jo Ellen Bechtel
5th Grade Teacher
Steve Bechtel Faculty
Steve Bechtel
Athletic Director & PE Teacher
Picture of Sandy Berry for Employee Directory
Sandy Berry
Human Resources Officer
Lisa Bonfanti photo
Lisa Bonfanti
English Teacher
Ron Cokain Faculty
Ron Cokain
Science Teacher
Alexis Confair
CSAGH Executive Chef
Jen Cornetto Faculty
Jen Cornetto
Physical Education Teacher
Becky Crone Faculty
Rebecca Crone
Student Support Teacher
Kelli Cutting Faculty
Kelli Cutting
English Teacher
Picture of Jodi DeLong for Employee Directory
Jodi DeLong
Science Teacher
Picture of Stacy Dorman for Employee Directory
Stacy Dorman
Kindergarten Teacher
Picture of Barb Farver for Employee Directory
Barb Farver
Library Teacher
Laura Zigarelli West Shore Christian Academy Faculty
Laura Fredericksen
4th Grade Teacher
Amanda Gante West Shore Christian Academy Faculty
Amanda Gante
Technology Teacher
Picture of Charlie George for Employee Directory
Charlie George
Music Teacher
MaryBeth Gilge
Mary Beth Gilge
Admissions Director
Alex Godoy
Alex Pasquel Godoy
Spanish Teacher
Hal Griffiths Faculty
Hal Griffiths
Bible Teacher
Jill Heineman
Picture of Hunter Helton for Employee Directory
Hunter Helton
Bible Teacher
Picture of Jacque Henry for Employee Directory
Jacque Henry
Spanish Teacher
Laurie Jeckel Faculty
Laurie Jekel
Math Teacher
Tim Jekel Faculty
Tim Jekel
History Teacher
Grant Kalnins Faculty
Grant Kalnins
Math Teacher
Justine Keener Faculty
Justine Keener
4th Grade Teacher
Bob King Harrisburg Christian School Faculty
Bob King
History Teacher
Cheryl Kinney Faculty
Cheryl Kinney
Cafeteria Assistant
Valerie Knowles Faculty
Valerie Knowles
Science Teacher
Picture of Amy Lane for Employee Directory
Amy Lane
Aleta Leatherman Faculty
Aleta Leatherman
Music Teacher
Linda Lehigh Faculty
Linda Lehigh
2nd Grade Teacher
Jessie Manjante
Jessie Manjate
Front Office Receptionist
Picture of Bonnie McCullough for Employee Directory
Bonnie McCullough
Bible Traits & Challenge Program Coordinator
Pam McDeavitt Faculty
Pam McDeavitt
Physical Education Teacher
Jon Menkis
Jon Menkis
Art Teacher
Julie Mooney Faculty
Julie Mooney
5th Grade Teacher
Picture of Katie Motter for Employee Directory
Katie Motter
Math Teacher
Picture of Carolyn Oplinger for Employee Directory
Carolyn Oplinger
Guidance Counselor
Picture of Cristen Puleo for Employee Directory
Cristen Puleo
English Teacher
Andy Roe Faculty
Andy Roe
Science Teacher
Jennifer Russell
1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Joe Shirvinski West Shore Christian Academy
Joe Shirvinski
Elementary Principal
Barb Shughart Faculty
Barb Shughart
1st Grade Teacher
Laura Shughart Faculty
Laura Shughart
Kindergarten Teacher
Adam Smolensky
History Teacher
Hannah Smolensky Faculty
Hannah Smolensky
History Teacher
Paige Stonge Faculty
Paige Stonge
Kindergarten Teacher
Kelsey Strum West Shore Christian Academy Faculty
Kelsey Strum
1st Grade Teacher
Ximena Suarez Faculty
Ximena Suarez
Spanish Teacher
Picture of Jill Sunday for Employee Directory
Jill Sunday
Admissions Coordinator
Olivia Tamm Faculty
Olivia Tamm
Math Teacher
Toni Turoff
Toni Turoff
Instructional Coach & Challenge Teacher
Leslie Vanhart Staff
Leslie VanHart
Front Office Receptionist (Lower School)
Picture of Amy-Jo Walborn for Employee Directory
Amy Jo Walborn
Chief Financial Officer
Aubrey Weaver
Aubrie Weaver
3rd Grade Teacher
Jen Wempa
Jen Wempa
Front Office Receptionist (Upper School)
Picture of Dan Wertz for Employee Directory
Dan Wertz
Bible Teacher
Picture of Heather Wilson for Employee Directory
Heather Wilson
Kindergarten Teacher's Assistant
Picture of LuAnne Yeckley for Employee Directory
LuAnne Yeckley
Administrative Assistant