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Discover the CSAGH Difference!

CSAGH is an innovative Christian School model that combines the resources of two K-12 schools into a single district. With this model, we are able to provide more opportunities for students as well as a personal experience that is generally characteristic of a smaller school. Our teachers collaborate to provide best-practice, biblically sound curriculum that will help our students thrive spiritually and academically. Welcome to CSAGH!

Training Christian Leaders

Your student's education is about more than a diploma or grades. CSAGH equips students to be leaders who will impact the world for Christ.

Why Christian Education?

Christian education is about the formation of a whole person. It is about helping students thrive both academically and spiritually. How do we do this? At CSAGH, we sharpen minds, deepen faith, and develop gifts. We create an environment of healthy role models and weave a Christian worldview into everything we do.


We believe the true measure of success is more than grades or standardized test scores, but also character and God-given calling. Our staff and faculty are dedicated to helping students realize their unique potential and passions both in the classroom and through a variety of co-curricular opportunities.

Sharpening Minds

The CSAGH curriculum purposefully melds rigorous academics and unapologetic faith. Through their coursework, students learn to think critically about subjects from a Christian perspective and to pursue a high level of subject mastery. We also offer Dual Enrollment courses included in tuition for high school students.

Deepening Faith

The Bible is the standard that guides how we think, speak and act. We understand how crucial it is to provide our students with an understanding of Biblical truth and with spiritual development opportunities such as weekly chapel and spiritual emphasis retreats so that they can invite the Lord to change them inside and out.

Developing Gifts

A CSAGH education isn’t limited to the classroom. We give students abundant opportunities to develop their talents and interests through a thriving fine arts program, clubs, organizations and competitive athletics. Many of our students participate in several different co-curricular opportunities throughout the year.